The future is coming on... [ 2006-09-01, 5:02 a.m. ]


That was the sound of me decompressing. It was NOT gas. Just decompression. And no, that's not what I like to call gas. gee.

I'm dainty. I don't emit gas. I'm just going to explode in a couple years because of that but at least I'm dainty.

But I digress.

Today was my last day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can feel my vacation starting already. I came home around 8pm and fell asleep for about 4 hours. Man, that felt good. I made some dinner and then watched V for Vendetta on pay per view. Good movie. I recommend it.

Now I'm watching a movie I've seen a million times, Time after Time with Malcolm McDowell. I remember watching this movie shortly after it came out (on HBO). I love the whole idea of time travel. I truly wish it was one of the things you could do. Maybe not by machine but by self-hypnosis like in the book by Jack Finney, Time and again and the movie, Somewhere in Time. I guess the closest one can come is in their dreams.

Not only was today my last day before vacation but it was also my last day of working with Diane. It was so weird. It's like you know things are changing. And you do want them to but it's hard to actually feel it changing. I think once my vacation is over and I come back, then it will be weirder. It was odd enough to not have all the usual crap to do before vacation starts. That's for the new asst. manager to start taking care of now. I was happy about it but it felt like I was forgetting to do something.

The plan for tomorrow is to first..sleep in. Then to go over and get my mom's car to take on my trip to Christy's lake house which is about an hour away. My car is just too sick sounding to even trust on the highway. I am glad I got the brakes fixed what with all the rain Ernesto has sent us.

So, I'll get my mom's car and do a load of wash and then pack up for the couple days away. When I get back, on Monday, I plan on vegging for a couple days. Then I'll start the long clean-up of the house. I actually can't wait to do it. I hate being surrounded by piles of crapola.

I've got sunshine in a bag.

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