Stupid body [ 2006-09-01, 8:29 p.m. ]

This just in...I hate my body. My stupid bleeding body. I'm an irregular girl. In more than one way. So, of course, today is the first day of my period. The day before I'm supposed to go to the lake where we have to live in close quarters with one bathroom. And me, who sometimes has to change herself almost once an hour in the first couple of days. So, it's a no go.

When I realized it when I woke up today, I kept going over it in my mind. Should I just go ahead and go and grab at least a few moments of fun? Or should I just not put myself through it? I had to go with the latter unfortunately. I first called Christy and got her machine where I really didn't want to say "I got my period!" and all that on her machine so I said it was personal and please call me and then sounded like I was crying, which I was. Then I emailed her work email, which is the one she usually uses. Got back an out of office reply.

I called Mandy, my other sister, and she eventually called me back with the phone number of Kevin's (Christy's husband) parents who also live at the lake. You see, Christy and Kevin don't have a phone at their lake place because they aren't there all the time. Anyway, I left a message on his parents' machine saying to please pass along the message that I wasn't able to come down this weekend.

Christy called me from her cell phone (which I didn't have the number of and she doesn't keep switched on usually..she's quite an unreachable woman) and I explained to her the problem. She was disappointed but understood. She also said that Becky was disappointed since we don't get to see each other much since she lives in Memphis. Becky and Christy have been best friends since high school..back in the mid-70's and Becky is like a sister to me. I'm really hoping that I can be alright enough to go down for the day on Sunday. Who knows? I really hope so. But I'm not promising anything to anybody.

Anyway, I had to go get some supplies since I was going to be home and I was bored so I rented 4 dvds at the pseudo-hip video store in the neighborhood. Man, the people working there bug me so much that's why I rarely go in there anymore. But it's close by and I didn't have much in the old gas tank.

I rented two that I had seen but now have additional stuff on them:White Nights, you can't beat Mikhail and Gregory's dance scenes. The other is Sid and Nancy. This is the Criterion collection and has a ton of extras.

The other two I rented are new:Inside Man...can't resist the Clive Owen to have me watch a Spike Lee movie. The other one is Take the Lead with Antonio Banderas...enough said.

So the next couple days I'm holed up in my house. I guess I should be glad I'm not working. Well, I am glad. Just wish I was going to the lake tomorrow as planned. I really need to get on the Pill. It would be a joke since I don't need what it's actually for but I know it would help my periods. That would involve going to the doctor. Till then, I rely on Midol.

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