I write..therefore I am... [ 2006-09-05, 9:46 p.m. ]

I went to the music 'zine, which I will just go ahead and name.. Amps11 (Spinal Tap reference!), meeting tonight. It was a cool little restaurant less than five minutes from me. I walked in, quite unsure of myself since I'm naturally shy and all, and the laid back dude asked how I was doing. I told him I was supposed to be meeting some people here but didn't see them. He asked if I was with Amps11 and introduced himself as Steve. Told me he was working tonight but also wrote for them. Cool. Anyway, I went back to this room and a couple of guys were sitting there. One had a Ramones shirt on and looked like Richard Dreyfuss circa Jaws. They were friendly to me and gave me the newest issue of the 'zine.

He asked if I had written something for it. I told them I wasn't sure if it was in there at all but it was about Calexico. He told me it was and that he'd enjoyed the article. Yay! So..I'm published and listed as a staff writer. Woot!

Eventually a few more people showed up as well as Alison and Jeff. Alison still hasn't filled the position of editor, I think. I totally get that I wasn't right for the job but it's fun to be around these people. We came up with ideas for the October issue. I'm going to be doing a cd review. And I also came up with the idea of doing an article about NaNoWriMo. I told them a bit about it and how music can play a big part in inspiration for the novel. I was trying to explain to Jeff why you do NaNoWriMo. He couldn't bend his head around the fact that there is no prize, that you only do it for the satisfaction. I finally said "It's like writing for Amps11! You just get the joy of writing from it!". He laughed and knew I'd made my point. Luckily, I've known him for over 15 years so he took it in the spirit it was given.

So I have to turn these two articles in in ten days. Since I'm off, I'm hoping I won't be doing them at the last minute this time. Here's hoping.

I rented a couple of dvds to watch. Friends with Money and a foreign film, Don't Tell. Also, a friend from work called today and we'll be going to see Little Miss Sunshine on Thursday. I love Steve Carell.

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