That's what she said! [ 2006-09-08, 8:19 a.m. ]

What the heck am I doing up at 8:20 in the morning on a vacation day?! I'm nutty. I actually went to sleep by 11:00pm last night. I had stayed up the whole night on Wednesday night and only got a few hours of sleep.

Then I went to see Little Miss Sunshine with a friend from work. I laughed till I cried. Oh,man, I loved that movie. Paul Dano, who played Dwayne, was so good. And of course, so were Greg Kinnear and Steve Carell. I still think Steve was robbed of the Emmy for best actor in a comedy. I mean, I like Tony Shalhoub in Monk but to win THREE years in a row? Shenanigans!

Anyhoo..I've been downloading too many episodes of The Office off of iTunes and I really need to stop it NOW. The season 2 dvds come out on Tuesday and I need to just wait. But now really...I can't much blame me. How can I resist the pull of this face?

Tonight I'll be going to the karaoke place to meet up with Diane and a few other people from the store to celebrate Diane and mine's release from the ol' store. Drunk singing will be had by all, I'm hoping.

Now I just need to get off my ass and work on my cd review so I can mark one thing off my list.

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