DJ Charlie [ 2006-09-09, 5:32 p.m. ]

Let me just say that I know how to party. And when I party...other people need to watch out.

Last night I went to the karaoke bar and met up with Diane there. This was about 9pm. The place was pretty quiet and we sat and talked and had some cosmos then beer. A couple more people from work joined us later and the place started to fill up a little bit. The cute little dj boy,Charlie (who was probably no more than 22 and just tiny and cute), came up to our table begging for us to sign up to get the show going.

I looked through the book and came up with Bonnie Raitt's "A Thing Called Love" (actually written by John Hiatt,whom I love. Anyway, I went up there after the third person and did pretty well.

A while later Julie showed up after getting off work. By that time I was halfway to drunkland. A girlfriend of the dj got up on the stage and begged for people to tip Charlie. She said that as people tipped she would take off an article of clothing. I told Julie that really wasn't going to do it for me. I needed Charlie to take something off.

So I took a oouple of bucks and went over to him.
"If I tip you, YOU need to take something off" I told him.
He thought, shrugged and took off his shirt.

Later on, at one point he came dancing past our table and acted like he was going to unbutton his fly sending us into hysterics.

I went up and sang the Georgia Satellites' "Keep Your Hands To Yourself" which I totally rocked,dudes. I think it was about this time that I got Charlie to take his pants off with another couple dollars. He was so cute but way too skinny. But still that was fun.Then Julie,Diane,Dustin and I got up and sang "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" made even more fun with a guy singing along.

Dustin from work was there as usual plus one of his roommates. They announced there was a party at their house afterwards which we all caravaned to. Thankfully,it isn't that far. And I hadn't drank anything for almost an hour. Yes. I know. Don't say it.

Dustin's house is in this regular suburban neighborhood and once you go inside you know the Brady Bunch does NOT live there. The place was covered in beer bottles. They pretty much party almost every single day. Tunes were cranked high. Boys were wrestling each other. Several boys with shirts off. Much laughter was had. Also some toking as well. Which I haven't done in over 6 years, I think.

It was a good time and didn't end till 5 am. I came home, drank lots of water and ate a sandwich then crashed. I woke up about 1:30 with hardly any residual effects other than grogginess. I'm telling you..the water and food thing really works.

I went and rented some movies at the pseudo-cool video store and I swear the cute guy waiting on me was of the guys at the party last night but I just couldn't bring myself to say "Were you at Dustin's party last night?" because I'm a doofus. He's the only person working there who doesn't put on this hipster air. Next time I go in I'll make myself say something.

So I have Akeelah and the Bee, Sentinel and the new super dvd version of Mommie Dearest to watch. John Waters does commentary. I'm so looking forward to that.

Next time I go out will probably be Wednesday night to the karaoke bar but I just cannot drink that much. Because I have to save it for the next night which is the Starsailor concert and then dancing at the 80's club. I hope my body can keep up!

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