You are an obsession.... [ 2006-09-14, 6:18 a.m. ]

I am now at that stage in my vacation where I am going stir crazy. I thought I was going out last night but that didn't happen. Which is just as well since it was raining all damn day and it wouldn't have been fun to drive in.

Tonight I know I'm going to the Starsailor concert at a local club. I saw those guys about 3 years or so ago and got to meet them afterwards. I loved that first album so much. I pretty much had it memorized.

The last couple of days have been spent watching my second season dvds of The Office. When I was done watching everything it felt like the day after Christmas,ya know? I had been looking forward to watching it all and listening to the commentaries and whatnot that once I was done, I came off this high. Bah. Reality. What a buzzkill.

Anyway,I'm hoping it won't be raining today so I can actually take my car to the mechanic. It's making weird noises and just seems more shaky than normal. I really don't want to drive it very far to do anything till I get it checked out.

Who watched Project Runway last night? I really hate the people who had the "brilliant" idea of bringing back crazy Vincent and hapless Angela. What the fuck? I was so happy last week when Vincent got the boot that to bring him back right away like that made me want to throw something at the tv set. I guess I should just be glad that they had no flashes of brilliance so they both left at the end of the show. And I'm glad that Jeffrey scraped by even with that failure of an outfit. His style interests me a lot more than Kayne's style. Though I love Kayne and will miss his observations. And accent.

There was one talking head segment where Jeffrey was trying to describe how he felt about the whole challenge where he was just at a loss for words. Totally cracked me up.

Tonight is the repeat of the season finale for last year for The Office. If you've never seen it and haven't given the show a chance before, you really need to watch it. It's what hooked me and had me backtracking to watch season 1 and salivating over the season 2 dvds. It will definitely reel you in. Just realize that John Krasinski (Jim) is all mine.

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