I'm so hot [ 2006-09-15, 2:30 a.m. ]

I am on a time release drunk. I got home and then realized just how intoxicated I was. Word to the wise..don't drink two drinks of something called Super Freak. Oi.

Today was quite tiring but very nice. I went to the mechanic and got my car fixed for the most part. Belt replaced,transmission fluid filled,headlight replaced and two tires put on. That was all before 10am.

Then I went to L@ne Bry@nt but found only a pair of black tights. Then I went to Torrid which is a cool place that's like Hot Topic for plus size women. I found a cool black mini skirt there and had a nice chat with the girl working there who tried to recruit me to be in management. That was nice.

Finally got home and took a 4 hour nap (remember, I had stayed up all night). (Do you know how hard it is to be coherent right now?) I got ready for the concert to see Starsailor. The crowd was small but very appreciative. The band was fantastic and the lead singer is just so damn cute and kept saying Cheers just like the Englishman he is. So cute. Christie, whom I went with to the concet, and I both adored him.He's even cuter when he smiles but this is a nice pic from their myspace page.

Afterwards, I met up with Julie at the 80's club and I danced my arse off. During which time I had two random people tell me what a good dancer I am. Coolness. My ego is so huge right now. :-)

Anyhoo...I really need to eat something since I haven't had anything since lunchtime. I'm stupid.

I predict I'll be sleeping in tomorrow.

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