Crazy 88 [ 2006-09-16, 11:58 p.m. ]

People, I have gotten NOTHING done these past two days. Not that that bothers me that much but my vacation is running out, after all. I got a call today from the new store manager trying to clear up how much vacation I really had left. I swear to God that I still had two weeks left before I went on vacay but Candi (who is now at the new location) thinks its possible she might have keyed in something wrong. I'm not that worried. I still have Sunday and Monday off. And Tuesday is a comp day for Labor Day and Wednesday is my last personal day.

I've mainly been watching on TNT the Kill Bill movies. I loved those and hadn't really seen them since I watched it on dvd. I'm Quentin Tarantino's bitch, pretty much. I like, in varying degrees, just about anything he does. The martial arts, the dialogue, the music (of course) and just the storytelling..all very QT.

Today around lunchtime, I was online and had msn messenger on but I had gone into the other room to make some lunch. Then when I came back in the room, there was a message from Jay. Finally! Thankfully, he'd just sent it and we chatted for a half hour almost making him late to work. I hadn't spoken to him online for a few weeks, I think.

I've been reading Stephen King's book On Writing. It's got some good advice in there and is helping me get ramped up for NaNo which is just over a month away! I've been trying to write down as many ideas as I can so I'm not writing on a tightrope too much. I mean, I liked that exhiliration of not having a net. But some of it came at the detriment of the story. So this year, an outline or something like one at least.

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