Good vibrations [ 2006-09-19, 1:22 a.m. ]

Today I did not too much of anything. I somehow awoke at 5:30am after having gone to sleep at 9pm the night before. Weird.

I mainly putzed around on the computer and watched repeats (I WISH they were new) of Firefly on Sci-Fi channel. Then I booked over to my parents' house to force my mom to watch several episodes from dvds of The Office. I really need somebody in real life to watch this show so I can talk about it. So, we watched A LOT of episodes and my mom really liked it. She loves John Krasinski as well. Hee.

This is something I posted on myspace today but I thought I would share it here as well:
Yesterday I was at my parents' house to watch the Panthers get cruelly beaten by the Vikings. Afterwards, my dad went to lay down for nap while my mom and I watched some tv. We passed by American Pie showing on one channel and I commented to her the name of the movie. My mom started singing a bit of the Don McLean song. I chuckled and said "That song has nothing whatsoever to do with movie." Mistake! She asked me why it was called that then. "Do you really want to know? Because it's pretty crass" I stated. "Yes. I want to know!" she insisted. So I go to say the phrase "masturbating into an apple pie" to my mother. Oh,boy. She then said "I don't think I'll ever be able to look at an apple pie the same way anymore".


But that's not even the most embarrassing part of yesterday. I had taken a basket of laundry over including my bedsheets. I went to pull out my sheets when I felt something heavy in them. I saw that my ...uh..vibrator!! had gotten tangled up in the sheets. Holy moly. Thankfully, my mom managed to not come through the laundry room at that moment so I stowed it away in a sock and hid it in a pile of clothes. Sheesh.

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