Tossed salad and scrambled eggs [ 2006-09-23, 1:51 a.m. ]

I appreciate each and every one of you people. Thank you so much for your comments yesterday.

I am feeling a wee bit better. Not a lot but enough to where I'm not bursting into tears. Always a good sign.

Today was my first day of training at another store that has a music section. It's always a wee (word of the day!) bit scary when one goes to another store. I mean, it's the same company and all but every store's dynamic is different. And of course, so are the people. That part is the worst for me. Not liking to talk to strangers unless you're a customer, I'm awkward at times. I'm better than I used to be, thankfully.

The music manager,Taira, is 22 years old but pretty together. She's been the music manager for over a year and seems to have a good grasp on everything. And she's easy to talk with as was the full-timer who also was there most of the time. It wasn't too busy but I did help several customers successfully and even sold a membership. Because when you get me around music/movies I can't shut up. It's like alcohol. I get a bit chatty, the anti-thesis of my normal self. But ya know...maybe that really is my true self. My real personality lies dormant until I discuss what I love. Which

Odd thing is is that when I was at work yesterday (I worked one day at the "new" location for me. The mall store opens nov.15) I got so excited at helping some customers. I had had way too much time to myself despite the several nights of going out. So to chat with customers (and I'm damn good at customer service,thankyouverymuch) was! I don't feel that way all the time, natch. There are people who get on your nerves. But frankly, the people in the music section were pretty good to talk with and help. Yay for that!

And, even though I know last night wasn't good, I'm actually thinking of going out tomorrow night. The bartender at the dance club has a band called Satanic Romantic, which has elements of Lords of Acid/the Cramps/the B-52s. He told me about them a couple weeks ago and told me he was on myspace. I added him and told him last night that I had. He said he'd noticed that and told me they were performing Saturday. I had thought that I was closing Sat.but I'm working a mid-shift (12-830). So I'm going to see about going to see them if I can get somebody to drag along.

So..bottom line..feeling better today. But I'm considering therapy. As I've considered before. Maybe I'll finally do it. My insurance does cover it,thankfully.

Thanks again for your supportive thoughts and comments.

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