Don't rock the jukebox [ 2006-09-26, 5:42 p.m. ]

Currently on my iTunes radio station: "Heavy Metal" by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.

Work has been wearing out my poor body. But I am really liking being in the music dept. The pace is much different than the bookstore side which is great. It's pretty slow but I tend to not get too bored. Hell, I can always listen to bits of different cds on the listening stations. I love that part. Today I actually bought one that came in from somebody that was new to me. Amy Millan, who was with Broken Social Scene and also Stars. I bought her cd called Honey From the Tombs. She's kinda folk/country/indie. I've been pretty good at resisting buying everything but I was in the mood for something new today.

Anyway, while the pace is slower, I'm on my feet a lot more than I was at the bookstore side. As a manager, I could retreat to the office sometimes but in the music dept., at least for me right now, it's much more customer service oriented. Which is fine by me. I'd rather help people on the floor than be bogged down by crappy paperwork. There is some of course for the music manager but not nearly as much or as often as I what I was used to.

The people have been very nice to work with at the location I'm in right now. I'm really going to miss them. You have a lot of time to really chat and joke between customers and tasks. Of course, I'm extra so therefore there is more time for that. I worked 8-430 today and work that again tomorrow. I called Julie to see about going to the karaoke bar tomorrow night. She was up for it so I'll definitely be going there.

I ended up not going to see that band Saturday night. I was so tired Saturday night when I got off at 830pm that I was asleep by 930pm. I was knackered, to say the least.

Now playing: Crestview Trust-"Somersaults". I love that word..somersault.

I was reading a book today on my break about making your blog better. I think I need to look at it more. I haven't written since Saturday in here because I'm feeling a bit boring. But I know there's other stuff than my life I can write about. I think part of it has been tiredness. Coming back from vacation hit my body hard. Today I feel not quite as tired but that's because I got around 8 hours sleep. I was asleep by 1030pm and woke up at 630am today. Totally weird. I'm not living up to my diary title. I apologize.

Some of us freaky John Krasinski fans (Jim on The Office)from have gotten together (about 10 of us) and pooled our money together to send him a present in time for his birthday. He mentioned on Conan how much he missed Dunkin' Donuts coffee since he's from the Boston area and in LA there isn't one nearby. So, we bought him a retro DD mug from eBay and we're going to send him a few bags of coffee plus use the leftover money to send money to his favorite charity in his name. We're crazy and charitable at the same time.

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