I don't wanna go!!!! [ 2006-10-01, 12:14 p.m. ]

Well, my week at the other store for training is over. And just when I was beginning to really feel at home there, too. I might be going back there in another week or so for their music inventory night. The music depts. always have a inventory every three months so I'd like to see one done. We'll see what my boss says.

I have today and tomorrow off. I'm supposed to go over to my parents' tonight for dinner because I have an uncle and aunt in town staying with them. Mandy and her kids are supposed to be there, too. Blah. I don't feel like going. I really really really want to stay home. Tomorrow I have to go to the Monday manager meeting and whatnot which means getting up by 6 am. So I guess if I make myself go to the dinner today I can make my escape early and use tomorrow as an excuse. I'm not particulary close to this uncle and aunt so I'm not overly thrilled as you can tell.

Last night at work my left ankle started throbbing yet again which in turn made me tired from holding myself up the whole night. Gahhhh. Another reason to not want to go anywhere.

The Panthers game comes on in almost a half hour so that's my plan for the afternoon. Because I'll be watching, they will probably lose. But I can't look away!

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