I hope you know that this will go down on your permanent record.. [ 2006-10-05, 3:51 a.m. ]

Ooof. I had a great time tonight. I worked a closing shift tonight and then scurried out, already dressed in my jeans and "I heart dirty rocker boys" t-shirt. I got to the karaoke bar by 11:15pm where Tracy from work was already there. The place was packed because of somebody's birthday so there were quite a few people I didn't know. So, my fellow regulars and I holed up on one side of the bar for a while, drinking and figuring out what to sing.

Julie showed up, of course and Dustin was there as well. Then, much to my delight, Slice was there as well. Yes, I know. He will NOT tell me his real name but said if he's drunk enough he might. He did so love my shirt and said I was after his heart. Heh. To see him, you'd know it is true. He's cute in a very hardcore/metalish/Trent Reznor way. He's one of those guys that you'd think twice about talking to at first but he's just the sweetest to me. I'm hoping he will also be at the club tomorrow night because I love having skinny goth boys around me.

I sang three songs tonight. I started off with Carly Simon's You're So Vain, then did Linda Ronstadt's You're No Good and then proceeded to kick major ass on the Violent Femmes' Kiss Off. I just cute loose. And with only three beers the whole night. I love that. Most of it was just me completely in the moment.

Another bright moment of the night came just as a few us of were in the parking lot chatting. A friend of Julie's, Jen, was discussing how much she wanted Matt (the dj that I have a crush on). I commented that he had a girlfriend but then Julie said that he's not one to really have one for long. This made me go "Oh,really?!". Ha. I'm so transparent. I then told Jen it was every woman for herself. We agreed that the next time we were there we would drink or get Matt drunk and then grab one part of his ass at the same time. Hee.

So tomorrow is the party for Amps11, the music 'zine. They're having a get-together for the writers and the people who advertise and whatnot. I saw the latest issue tonight and was pleased to see both my articles in there. I love that I write for them. I don't know how I came to this place in my life where I'm going to be the manager of the music dept., I'm writing for a music 'zine AND I'm going to karaoke every week almost plus going to the dance club the next night. Whenever I feel down about life, I'm going to read this entry.

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