I save the best part for last [ 2006-10-10, 8:08 p.m. ]

What's the deal with me not updating as much lately? Sorry 'bout that, folks. All 2 of my readers.

Review day went ok today. Nothing major thankfully. The person who was going to get the not-at-standards review is going to have it done by somebody else but I did actually write it up. Not fun but them's the breaks when you're in management.

Last night I went to my training store for seeing how music inventory is run since they do it every 3 months in that section because of the obvious high theft rate in music/dvds. Everything went alright and I hope I don't forget everything by the time I do my inventory in January or February. I am a bit tired since I didn't get home till almost 1 am and didn't go to sleep right away of course. And of course, my period decided to start today without much warning. Hmph. Stupid body. My boobies weren't even tender to give me any notice of impending cramping. I felt rather blech this morning as the result of said cramping and lack of sleep. So glad I don't have to go to work till noon.

Oh..yesterday morning after the manager meeting, I got a message that this man who wants to transfer into our new store had called while I was calling references for another applicant. This potential transfer is about 70 (he told this freely to another manager) and basically talked to me like the typical Grumpy Old Man because I was insisting on the fact that to consider him, he'd have to open up his availability. He got argumentative with me and I told him to calm down. Finally, I told him to come in on Wednesday at 1:30, when I knew my manager would be there, to talk to him face to face. I then got off the phone and opened up the door from the office I was in. I started speaking to Roxy and Laurel "If I have to work with that guy, I don't know what I'm going to do." And then I burst into tears. I blame lack of sleep and that feeling of being cornered. The thing about transfers is that if you have an open spot you almost are stuck with them. I went into the other office and let Candi know how upset that guy had gotten me. She took down what he'd said to me and said she's handle it when he came in on Wednesday. She got protective, which was nice. She knows I'm a cryer and said "Don't worry about it. I sometimes sit in the office or go into the break room and cry". Heh. Right now she's got so much stress with the store opening in almost a month that I do not envy it one tiny bit. But thank God for her support.

I will be going out, once again, to the karaoke bar tomorrow night. I'm off on Thursday so I'll be needing to write my article on Ok Go that day. Nothing like waiting till the last minute. I think it's due by the weekend.

Wow. I feel so boring right now.

Here's something for you. I had the hottest, most vivid sex fantasy about my crush, the dj guy at karaoke. Tomorrow starts my campaign to bring it to fruition.

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