C'mon, bring it! [ 2006-10-17, 7:01 p.m. ]

This has been a turbulent day. Mainly because of work, though.

The day started out rough with me being stuck in crappy traffic. One of these days I will figure out the best way to get to the store. Till then, I sit in traffic jams with people who have no idea how to drive. Thank God for my iPod.

Anyway, I got there a few minutes late but Caleb (asst. manager) was already there thankfully.

I was given the task, by Candi, to find a forklift driver to start Friday. Once I found out the cost of going through a temp agency, Candi double-checked with our DM and then we backtracked to calling the rental agency that was renting the forklift and I eventually found out that they could certify one of our employees (you have to have a special license to drive a forklift). I got that straightened out eventually with one of our newbies going over there tomorrow to get trained, which takes about an hour or two.

Am I boring anyone yet?

Anywho...what with running the store, inputting new hires into the system.. I pretty much had my hands full. Then, we got major bad news. Our opening is going to be delayed by about a week. Possibly to the day before Thanksgiving. I truly felt ill. There is so much hiring, training, stressing-out about things, that to keep doing all that for even longer is just awful.

And, ya know, not that much for me really. I'm really extranneous right now. (Oh, we also had our other asst. manager back out of transferring to our store because of personal reasons. Leaving Caleb on his own, pretty much). But I felt ill just for Candi and Caleb's stress level. I think I went through the five stages of grief. Some crying, anger, upset stomach and finally the old, "well, what can you do?". Acceptance.

We were going to open Nov.15th which would have given us slight breathing room before the major holiday rush. Now, there's no learning curve. But really, what can we do? It's out of our control. It's the construction people that have screwed things up. Something about the electrical system not getting approved several times now. Fuckers.

One bright spot is that I get a second day off this week. Yay! And I managed to get Thursday off which rocks because I'll be going out to the karaoke bar again. When I saw Julie on Monday, I told her she's not allowed to go out of town again because I get into trouble. Heh. But she'll be there this time so I doubt I'll have too much trouble. Only self-induced this time. I did buy some clothes on Monday..a nice new bra that does that plunging thing. When I looked at myself in the mirror, I was like "Wow! Look at those!". Hee. I mean, yes, I do have a rack but I don't usually push them up and out. So, yes, that will be worn tomorrow night.

I also got my haircut on the way home tonight. It's a bit shorter, since I hadn't had a haircut since sometime in the spring, I think. My hair had lost all shape and was not behaving at all. That's curly hair though. People envy you but they don't have to live with it.

Tomorrow I'll be going in at 6am for a meeting. I know. I will be stoking up on coffee, most definitely.

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