What did you expect? [ 2006-10-19, 2:57 a.m. ]

Kind of a short post.

I'm rather drunk. Rigt now. I had two sandwicfhes trying to sober mys3elf up. The probemm is is that i had two lemon drop shots plus qutie a few beers at the karoake bar. Wheee.

I think Ken rubbed his mouth in my cleavage becauwe I went up to to Julie and said I was going to be unhappy if I didn't kiss a man soon. So Ken was right in front of her and she told him that. So therefore...a raspberry in my cleavage. hee. It was funny. i got there at about 11:20 after Project Runway ended (Yay! Jeffrey won!!!!!) and I rolled up into the parking lot as Ken was getting there (he's co-owner of the bar and Julie's roommate). I waved at him and he waved back and waited for me to get out of the car. We basically walked into the bar together which was kinda cool. Ken is cute in this sort of alternative way. He's close to my age but way cooler about music in my opinon. Anyway. Matt was there dj'ing of course but I didn't say much to him at first. But I did buy him a shot and remind him about coming out to the dance club tomorrow night. Also, my first song was the Waitresses' song "I know what boys like" which I silently dedicated to him. Hee.

Michael and Paco came by at 8pm tonight and we went to dinner and then coffee after. It was cool doing a spur of the moment thing. Then just about when Project Runway was over, Julie called to see where I was. After I hung up , I was thinking about that things were going good. Friends came by to see me, Jeffrey won, and friends were looking forward to seeing me. Then I thought "I'll probably have a fatal car wreck on my way there". That's me. Morbid to a fault.

I told Julie about that and she told me I needed more sunshine in my life. Probably right.

Thank God I'm off tomorrow. I totally need some sleep. I'm picking up Dustin tomorrow for the club and I want to get some action from somebody, dammit. NOt Dustin but Ken or Slice or Matt are good choices.

Caleb, asst. manager extraordinaire, drove me home from the bar which was cool. I had two lemon drop shots and they knocked me for a loop. Dang. I'm so easy. If only Matt or Ken or Slice realized that.

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