Party like it's 1991 [ 2006-10-20, 1:31 a.m. ]

You know what's weird? When people come up to you at the dance club (where I was tonight), and tell you that they remember you from about 15 years ago when I worked at the Pterod@ctyl club. This guy comes up and says "You're Judy right?". I say "Well, yea. Actually Judith." He said "Do you remember me? I used to know you from the Pterod@ctyl a long time ago. My name is Zeke." I was like "Oh wow. I do remember you." And with how bad I am at remembering people, that's a miracle. He was telling me how he knew he'd seen me at B&N since then but wasn't sure if I remembered him so he hadn't said hi. He told me he was there with his wife because her bday was the day before.

I kept trying to remember my interactions with this guy back in the day. I think we would end up dancing together sometimes and ...uh, maybe kissing. I am really not sure. Anyway, next time I see my old boss, Jeff, I will ask if he remembers Zeke at all. Knowing Jeff, well, actually it's hard to know if he will or not. Jeff's memory is even more selective than mine about people.

I was only at the dance club tonight for less than two hours. Julie wasn't there because of working in the morning. Marcia was there (still celebrating her bday) but she'd invited a whole lot of people I didn't know. She was getting hammered and of course talking to them so I was a bit on my own. Which is ok sometimes but at the dance club I have more fun if Julie is there. I can hang at the karaoke place without her pretty much but the dance club is more fun with her there. So I left just a bit ago. I still like going there though. It was nice that one of the bartenders waved at me when I was getting my beer from the other one. Then when I was settling my tab, he asked if I was ok to get home. Thankfully, I'd danced quite a bit and had only drank two beers and bought a drink for Marcia. I still know other people there so it's ok if I was really in the mood to dance I'd go no matter what.

I actually had no hangover from last night's drunkiness. That was a helluva lot of fun. It will be hard to duplicate in the future. But I shall try.

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