WWJD [ 2006-10-26, 4:19 a.m. ]

Woo. A bit drunk. Not sloshed though I was earlier.

I worked today and it was my sixth day in a row. I've done longer stretches of working but I was getting worn down by all the closes and the training I was coordinating. (that was impressive writing since I'm still drunk). Anyway, I called Julie to see if she was coming out to the karaoke bar after work but alas she was not. But I went anyway because I mainly needed to buy my ticket for the big party thing on Saturday night.

I told myself "I'm sleepy. I'm tired. My back hurts. I'll be surprised if I stay more than two hours.". Well, I was surprised then. I got there about 11:15pm. and just got home about 10 minutes ago, 4:10am. I went in and saw Dustin there, of course. There was a different bartender tonight so I couldn't hang with Allison, like I was thinking. I was mainly looking for Ken to purchase my ticket from. I got a beer and walked to the middle of the bar. Saw a familiar face in a girl that hangs there quite a bit. She waved at me. I waved back and told her I was there alone and asked to sit with her group. You don't know how bold that move would be for me if I wasn't comfortable enough in that place. That really speaks a lot.

She got me over there and we sang along with some of the performers from our perch. I went up and sang "Breakdown" by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Matt was djing of course but I was just mildly flirting with him. I was slightly angsty about him so I just backed off for the most part. Until I got drunker and poked at his bum. Heh.

Anyway, Marcia arrived close to 1am and by then I was getting pretty drunk. Dustin and I went up and sang "Don't Fear the Reaper" by B.O.C. And I also sang "C'mon Everybody" by Eddie Cochran. A song I first knew because of the Sex Pistols. But anyway, my last song that I sang by myself was "The Time Warp" from Rocky Horror which was a lot of fun of course. Then Marcia got me to go up with her and sing "Pink" by Aerosmith. I vaguely recall that song and I really belted it out Steve Tyler style. I am surprised I can still talk.

I suggested to Marcia that we go eat some breakfast afterwards and all of sudden we had 8 other people with us. I was so happy that Charlie was there, too. He was the dj from a couple months ago that I got him to strip down to his skivvies. He's so tiny, I love him. I'm sitting next to him at the bar and I kept saying "Are you still underage? Or do you not feel like drinking?". He claimed we'd had this discussion before. He showed me his driver's license. He's 26!!! I couldn't believe it. I told him I was 40. And he said that he wished I'd said something sooner because he loves older women. Hee. This other dude, Scott, was there and he totally looks at least 25 but was only 20. Fracking weird.

So, we all went to breakfast and had food and fun conversation.

The major thing that happened was that I told Marcia about my lack of experience. She was completely surprised. Yea. Me, too!!

I told her how the movie with Steve C@rell really didn't have it too off the mark for reasons why it never happened. Certain points of your life you just stop trying. I mean, I am sort of trying now. Not as much as I could if I wasn't so unsure. I mean, I can seem really confident outside. I can talk a good game. Tease guys, flirt, be direct. But then, when they come up close...oh,no. Bah.

So anyhow, I'm off Thursday and Friday, thank God. I decided my outfit for Saturday night will be ..God. I ripped it off from an episode of Buffy where Seth Green's character, Oz, just has regular clothes on but a name tag that says "Hello, my name is God". That's me. Bow down.

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