Will the real Judith please stand up..please stand up..please stand up? [ 2006-10-27, 2:00 p.m. ]

Whee.. My second day off. It's going by way too fast. Yesterday was me just completely vegging out. No hangover but I was a bit groggy and raspy voiced. But I took a nice, long hot shower and felt a bit normal.

All I did was do some much needed grocery shopping and go to the drugstore. Big day! Then I dithered away at home on the internets and watching too much television. God forbid I should pick up a book and read it. Or write out my outline for NaNo. Sheesh. I have to make Sunday my official day for outlining the story.

Anyway, today I actually got up before noon. Call Brian Williams! It's the top story!! I went to the mall to get an outfit for Saturday night. I am still going as God but I wanted a new outfit anyway. So I went to Torrid where I found this cute skirt and camisole. I'll be wearing my lace leggings, black boots and something to cover my arms because it's going to a bit chilly tomorrow night. But I don't want to be too covered up because apparantly God is a bit trampy.

I got an email from the place that was having Ok Go peform on Nov.21. The concert was canceled and no makeup date set. Crap!! I was looking forward to that. Maybe the band found out that the place does NOT have a good track record on getting an audience. Not the concerts I've seen there so far. It is insane how crappy a town Charlotte is for music. That's why most of the bands go to Cat's Cradle in Chapel Hill. But there's only so much traveling I can do since it's about 2.5 hours away.

On the subject of music, I received an iTunes gift certificate from somebody last night. At work we drew names to see who would be each other's "secret" BFF (best friend forever). We wrote down our likes for treats,music,movies,tv etc... And then your BFF will just randomly give you something every once in a while. It was Candi's idea so it would brighten our days at work when things get stressful. I loved that idea. Especially since I chose Candi to give stuff to and she easily figured out it was me. Heh. Talk about keeping in good with the boss.

Anyway, I received my gift certificate for $10 and saw it was from Jeff, who is our community relations manager but also used to be my own boss for you long time readers. He knows how much I heart iTunes and all. I spent it right away, of course. I have a list of bands to check out that I started while listening to woxy.com which is excellent for discovering new bands. So I bought Cold War Kids' Robbers & Cowards. I haven't listened to it yet but I like what I've heard of them.

Ok. That's it. I'll be going over to the 'rents in a bit to wash clothes and eat some food. Probably won't update till Sunday wherein I will talk all about Saturday night's festivities.

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