Sorry,Charlie [ 2006-10-29, 1:26 a.m. ]

Hmmm. That was interesting. My night at the big shindig. It started out quite well but ended up with me going home, sharing a cab with two drunk girls.

I went over to Julie's house about 7:30 to get ready with the rest of the crowd. It was 9ish when we all made our way out there to the party. There was a big tent with dance music playing. Off another way there were bands playing. The beer and wine were covered with the cost of the ticket but it wasn't always easy to get to, of course. Plus, port@-johns. Ugh.

Anyway, I was kickin' it in my pleated mini-skirt,black lace leggings,black camisole with my plunge bra, black boots and this light jacket I forgot I had that is black and kind of Asian-inspired. Very cool. I have to say that, in all honesty, I looked damn hot.

We met up with Caleb, Laurel, Chris and a couple other people there. So we were walking around and I was off to the side while they got some food. I felt this arm come around my waist and what do you know? It was Charlie, the guy I mentioned talking with at the karaoke bar and then went to the diner with all of us. I've always flirted shamelessly with the guy. I don't know why. He's cute in his own little way but not really so much my type. So he's standing beside me and somehow ends up pulling out his cell phone to show me pictues he'd taken of his cock. Yes! I know!!! Holy cow.

It was very impressive I must say and told him so, while laughing. He then asks me "Would you like to help me out with that later?". Holy cow, again. I was so thrown that I didn't know what to say so I laughed a bit and he laughed too and then left after that.

I was told by my friends that I really needed to find him again and go for it. Which, yes, I know. And I saw him briefly again but he didn't see me. Then after that..poof! I couldn't find him. After dancing for a long while, I had to go to the port@-john and at one point got into conversation with some drunk girl about how the party used to be so much better than this. Wouldn't I pick the first time to come there to be the one that isn't quite so organized?

I then tried to find everybody but had absolutely no luck after what seemed like forever. My feet started to hurt and I just thought "hell, this place is close to my house. It won't take much cash to get there" So I called a taxi and while waiting, I offered to share it with these two drunk girls. They were funny and nice and it cost me about $5. I couldn't drive, not because of drinking, because I only had two beers and that was a long way's back, but because I had left my car at Julie's house. I'll pick it up tomorrow somehow.

I did call Marcia and tell her I wasn't going to be there by the time she made it. She called back and I gave her directions to the place while telling her about Charlie.

When I did get home, I looked at myself in the mirror and saw what the guys at the place saw. Dayum. I shall be wearing something close to that outfit again. Very soon.

Overall, I am not mad at my friends. I made the decision not to drive myself there and the place was crawling with people so it's easy to get lost. It's no biggie about that.

I am sorry, though, that I didn't see Charlie again tonight.

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