An Entry In Which I Speak of Nancy Drew AND Handjobs [ 2006-10-31, 2:26 a.m. ]

I am currently watching on TCM Nancy Drew, Detective which came out in 1938. It's a bad copy of the film but it's still fun to watch. I was raised on Nancy Drew novels. My mom and her sister got the original hardcovers from the thirties. I read those starting when I was 10 years old and didn't stop till I was close to 17 or 18. Of course, I re-read them dozens of times. And I read the "newer" versions from the fifties where Nancy had the famous titian hair. But I always adored the thirties era Nancy with her cool ass roadster. I wanted so much to be her. And I longed to be a detective. That only grew stronger after reading Harriet, the Spy. I remember leaving a note next to this huge bush that helped separate the backyards in my neighborhood. The note read something like "If you have a mystery that needs to be solved, leave me the information and I will solve it for you." I wonder if I ever took it out of there. It would be kind of cool to think about some kid several years later finding that note and feeling inspired.

Anyway, today I was the solo closing manager again and I'm so damn tired of that. The store grand opening cannot come quick enough. I want to be just the music manager and that's it. I don't want to run the whole damn store.

One last thing. I took a nap this afternoon before going into work. I had this bizarro dream where I was jerking off this random guy, who was quite enjoying it. I woke up feeling very turned on. I really need to get laid, people.

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