This story is so old [ 2006-11-03, 3:02 a.m. ]

Hey,guys. Just wanted to let you know that I'm ok. I think as lap stated that it was probably a combo of PMS and alcohol and disappointment that set me downwards. But I'm alright now. I shouldn't be allowed near the internet when I'm drunky-poo.

I was going to the location today that has the music dept, where I trained in Sept. but we, meaning I, figured out that the promo changeover that I was going to learn doesn't happen till next week. It was a bit of an elementary mistake by the music manager, who normally is on the ball but also can be flaky. Anyway, I ended up going to my store and closing there with Tracy. It went fine but I'm so ready for the new store to open already! I want to get in there and set up and have everything all shiny and new.

After getting Marcia lost on the phone while she was trying to find the dance club (I swear, it's downtown but unless I'm driving myself in downtown, I can't tell anyone what street something is on), I then settled down to my keyboard for some NaNo action. I had to really force myself. I don't do well with self-discipline (no?really?!) so making myself do this every day for a month is never easy. But, the good news is is that I did 1164 words making me have a total of 3542 words so far. Yay! I need to try for at least 2000 words tomorrow. My story is starting to ramp up but I am going to have pad it out too, of course. Thankfully, my main character works in a record store (last year, my main character worked in a bookstore. heh.) I have a NaNo playlist in my iTunes to keep my inspiration going since the story is set in about 1989 and I can quote lyrics for effect. I've already quote INXS, Neil Young and REM.

Later, alligators.

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