Naa Nooo [ 2006-11-19, 12:21 a.m. ]

Ok, folks. I think you've all seen this coming. I give up on NaNo this year. I have been so tired from work and I really lost heart in my novel. Not excuses just reasons. I just refuse to put this pressure on me when I'm so busy and tired. I've been working 6 day weeks so it was bound to happen.

I did manage to write my article for the music 'zine. It's a year end issue so I decided to write about some of the concerts I attended. It ended up being over 600 words which thrilled me. Yay for writing and not constantly checking word count like it's a chore.

I really hope to be in a better frame of mind to do NaNo next year though. Last year, even with all the stress at work, I liked my story enough to keep going even when I got behind.

As for work now, I have a few moments of frustration but overall, it's going pretty well. Julie told me that I was the happiest she'd seen me in a long while. Heh. I think it's true. I have my own "little" territory to worry about and focus upon. The rest of the store is important but it isn't something that I have to focus all my energy on. I can worry about my own thing. And, so far, Candi seems to think I'm doing ok. I'm liking my music sellers and I like having that sense of ownership about the department.

Today we were getting prepped for our first inventory on Monday. I was able to get most of my stuff done (meaning my worker bees and me) that I was able to hand over a couple of them to the book floor. I like having that illusion that I have my shit together. I can't reiterate enough how I like having a narrower focus. I deal better that way.

One of the things I love about not being open yet is that we can play all kinds of music as long as there is no cursing in the songs. Which brought me to the conclusion that most of my music is quite dirty. But I still was able to make 4 mixes anyway.

My dvr is totally fried. I know I've said it before but it's quite true now. I can't watch ANY of my shows that were recorded. It keeps saying the show isn't available to watch. Damn. I don't know when I can get a new one but it better soon.

Tomorrow is my day off!! And I get to wash clothes for the first time in a week and a half. Yay!!

An addendum to my entry (a couple hours later). You know who rocks? That would be Michael. This would be the third year that Michael and Paco have hosted a Thanksgiving Day dinner at their place which is always timed to be later in the day since most people have the dinner in the afternoon. So I was writing a brief entry in my yahoo blog, which I only keep to keep up with him, about how I was giving up on NaNo and that I was just too busy and tired from work to keep up with it. He wrote me an email about an hour ago saying that it was perfectly ok if I just wanted to do dinner with my family since I was then going to have deal with Black Friday the next day and everything. I heart him. I wrote back saying that yeah, I hate to do it but I was going to back out of coming to their place that day. It stinks because the two times they've done it, it has been a bunch of fun just talking and eating with everybody. But it does relieve the stress of the day. I can completely relax that day now instead of going to two dinners. Like I said. He rocks.

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