Turkey lurkey [ 2006-11-23, 1:05 a.m. ]

Gah!!! It will totally not stop raining here. This weather is the complete pits. I was driving to work and happened to look over as I passed over a creek and it looked like a freakin' lake. No lie. It was almost like swampland. I expected to see an alligator go floating by. I am realllly hoping it dries up very soon. More than one day of this is way too much.

I did manage to go to the cable company and switch out my dvr for a nice and shiny new one yesterday. I love it! It actually works!!! What a concept.

I watched my beloved Veronica Mars last night and, my God, I love that show. It's one of my favorite things in the world, really. I really wish they'd had this show when I was a teenager. I would have loved to have had V as a role model. No, she's not perfect but she is cool. And that's what counts. Plus, there is the hotness of Logan, Piz and Dick. And even Mercer is pretty hot himself. Boys. Mmmmm.

Today was my last day of working at the shitty ass old store. Can you tell how much I hate that old place? With all this rain, the water comes up through the drains in the bathrooms and floods. Fun. It is basically falling apart, that building. It has been there a while but because they knew they were relocating, no real maintenance has been done for a quite a while. It's really frustrating when you're there. All I kept thinking was.."I want to be at my pretty new store!!". I mean, I have stuff I really need to do in my music dept. but because they won't close a store till the day before the new one opens...we have to keep two managers at the old crappy store every day. Bah. But I'm done with it now. Thank GOD!!!

Tomorrow I'll be going over to my parents for turkey dinner. There will be a total of 11 people in all. Oy. It is times like that that I wish my parents believed in having wine with dinner. I think the alcohol might help.

Speaking of alcohol, I was going to go out to karaoke tonight but I found most people weren't going to be there. So I opted out. I'd like to go next week but I don't know how up for it I will be. Friday and Saturday will be super long days trying to prep everything for Monday. I'm supposed to be off on Sunday but we're having a Holiday meeting for the whole staff that night so I'll probably end up coming in earlier anyway. Then I work the rest of the week. I have no idea when my next real day off will be.

We're all pretty anxious and stressed about the opening but I think we're also excited to get it going. We just have to get through these next few days.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in D-Land!!

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