Finally! [ 2006-11-28, 9:52 a.m. ]

Why is Gwen Stefani trying to ruin The Sound of Music for me?

Anyway, been a few days. I have some quite valid excuses though. But I'll first summarize my Thanksgiving Day. It was such a good, fun day. It was relaxing, filled with laughter, fun and lots of food. We played touch football after the meal and then after eating some pumpkin pie, we played Catch Phrase, a frustrating yet addictive game. I rocked it, by the way.

(I have to get used to typing with nails that are longer than stubs. I stopped biting my nails a month ago and now they are starting to get in my way.)

Ok, so Friday was a 14 hour work day. Then on Saturday, we worked 15 hours. Sunday was a 10 hour day. This was all to prepare for yesterday, opening day for the store. I was so exhausted on Saturday night. Part of my left foot is still kind of numb/tingling. I think I pinched a nerve. I don't know what to do about that. I don't think a doctor can do anything, that it just has to correct itself. On Sunday, after the whole big crew had finished up, all of us went out to the parking lot to admire the store from really did look good without the paper over the windows and you could see the displays. There was probably about 70 people on the crew that night and we all started applauding spontaneously. Pretty cool. Anyway...all the hard work proved quite fruitful because we had a fantastic opening day yesterday.

My District Manager was there and was impressed that my music dept. had done by mid-day what some of the music depts. had done for all of Black Friday. Just an indication, I think, of how VERY busy we will be on Saturday.

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed sometimes because there are plenty of final touches, from paperwork organization to just organizing certain sections of the dept., to get done. I just keep having to tell myself to take it one day at a time and do something every day and eventually it will be done.

I was ecstatic when my DM came up to me and said "We need to get you two days off this week. And next week, you're scheduled for 6 days but you'll be hourly pick what day off you want to take." I then told her that I'd always liked her a lot. I really didn't anticipate getting a day off this week. Sunday was supposed the day off for me but that didn't happen. So today is my day off and also Friday. I was so pooped last night that after watching Heroes I turned over in the bed and just zonked completely out. I woke up a couple times but only for a minute. I finally got up at 8:30 this morning. My body, primarily my back, is still sore from the weekend but I'm hoping this day off will help mend me.

I bought two new cds yesterday (to help my bottom line, of course. I do what I can!). The Decemberists' The Crane Wife and Jet's Shine On. This dept. will be the death of my bank account.

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