Don't stand so close to me [ 2006-12-03, 10:12 p.m. ]

Last night, even though I didn't mention it here, I thought I had lost my wallet OR it had been stolen. I looked everywhere in the house and in my car. The only thing I could think was that I'd left it in the office at work. I was 75% sure about it so I sort of pushed it out of my head.

Luckily, when I got to work this morning, there it was in the office. Whew. I hate that I misplace things as important as a freakin' WALLET!! Grrr.

Work was sort of busy but not overly so. I have one employee who is a nice enough guy but he's a close-talker. I mentioned it to Caleb and he started laughing and paged one of the managers and told her what I'd said. Apparantly, they'd just been discussing that fact. Heh. It was like I didn't think he creeped me out or anything but he kept invading my personal space. And I'm not the only one he does that to. I always take a step or two back but he just doesn't get it. Why is that?

I had my sister and her b/f visit me at the store today. Plus, Helen and her family came by briefly. Plus, an employee from my old store. Everyone wants to see the pretty store!

I have so much to do in the next few days at work as in getting some returns done. They completely overshipped on the tv box sets, the classical music and the yoga product. Yes, the music dept. is in charge of the yoga fixture because it holds cd/dvds as well as mats and other crap. So, while we're trying to wait on customers, we've got to get all that done,too! Way to go, home office!

I work during the day tomorrow and then I'm off on Tuesday. Yeah!!

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