Looking back [ 2006-12-05, 8:17 p.m. ]

I stole this one from alwaysange. You go to your archives and take the first sentence of the first of the month's entry no matter how funny/boring/serious it might be.

January-Boy, have I had a hard day.

February- Whee. I got my driver's license renewed today.

March- Yesterday on my day off, I was pretty catatonic.

April- So. The last few days have been up and down for me.

May- I'm NOT fired!

June- I am back from Charleston.

July- I'm currently watching the Real Sex Orgasm Special.

August- Here's some advice from me to you.

September- Ahhhhhh...
That was the sound of me decompressing.

October- Well, my week at the other store for training is over.

November- NaNoWriMo started last night at midnight.

December- There needs to be a switch on my head where I can stop myself from crying.

Hmm..every once in a while I will look at my old entries. And I know that work has been a HUGE part of my entries from this past year. Mostly, not a good part. Right now, it's ok. But I do still feel like I'm trying to get caught up. I went in today on my day off to do this thing that really needs to be done by me or a manager each Tuesday. I'd never done it and neither have the other managers so I couldn't ask one of them to do it for me. It wasn't too big of a deal. I just hope I did it right.

Last night I went to my parents' house after work. I got there, saw my dad's car was gone (he works nights on Mon,Tues and Wed) but my mom's car was there. I knocked then pounded on the door. Called their phone. No answer. I got out my house key and let myself in. My cat greeted me (he seems to be feeling better than he was last week, thank God.). But I called out for my mom and got no answer. Panic started to creep in. My mom had known I was coming at this time. Where was she? What had happened??!!

I was honestly starting to hyperventilate. I got out my cell and called my dad's cell phone, which was actually on for once. He answered and I asked if he knew where Mama was. He said "Right beside me. We're pulling into the driveway right now." I met them outside, still kind of panicky. Turns out that my mom had gone with my dad for his eye appt. because he has a cataract. The eye drops, of course, made it so she'd had to drive back. But the appt. lasted a lot longer than they'd thought it would.

My mom said she would have called me from my dad's cell but they oouldn't remember my cell phone number. I reminded her that it was in my dad's phone book in his cell. But then she admitted that they couldn't figure out how to access it. Sigh. My dad got one of those new rzor phones or however you spell it. Totally wasted on him!! I want it!!

But I digress. I was very happy and relieved that they were both ok. It isn't easy to have aging parents. You really do worry. Or you just try to push it to the back of your mind. Both aren't very healthy things to do, mentally.

It's officially cold here in NC. 37 degrees here at the moment and supposed to get much colder tonight.

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