That's hott [ 2006-12-07, 3:01 a.m. ]

Our big old president of stores came to visit our store today along with our regional mgr and district mgr. They came into my music dept. mid-afternoon. Everything seemed to go well (Candi told me that there were just a couple notes to go over with me tomorrow) and he gave me a couple of good ideas about finding more room for the tv dvds, thank God.

I didn't go to karaoke tonight. I was actually too tired to do it turned out. I fell asleep around 8 and woke up close to 11pm. I close tomorrow so it's ok for me to be up for a little while longer.

I might go to karaoke next week but I think I just need to focus on the holidays and spending time with family and friends. Plus, I've done zero shopping and planning. Our extra discount days do start on Friday, so I'll do most of the shopping then.

But to go back to the going out's always around this time of year that I tend to not want to party much, as in drinking and carousing. It's like it goes against the whole reason for the season. But after, Christmas is over...I throw out those inhibitions and cut loose once again.

Speaking of things that are a bit randy, I wrote about this on my myspace blog but I had to repeat it here. I had a dream tonight about Stephen Colbert and Steve Carrell. They were in some nice suits and totally kissing each other. I mean..really kissing. I found it quite hot. Now, not all men kissing is that erotic to me. But certain types just totally do it for me. I don't lust after Carrell (though he's cute in his own way) but I do lust after Colbert. That man is smokin'. But the two of them together. Oh. My. God.

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