I need an assistant [ 2006-12-08, 2:49 p.m. ]

I am so COLD! My computer is near the window and of course my window has no weather stripping. So then I can feel this puff of cold air coming through it and landing on my arm. Brrr.

Yesterday at work I was sitting there eating my Lean Cuisine lasagna while a couple of other employees were sitting there as well. I could hear the music from the cds we were playing. I paused and looked at the other two people and said "Ahh. There's nothing like sitting in the break room and listening to Barry Manilow." No laughter. Just stares like I had grown two heads. I had to explain that I was kidding. And confessed that half of what I say is sarcastic. Man. When people don't know you or aren't sarcastic themselves..things get lost in translation. I told Jeff about it and he started laughing. He knows me too well.

I have my day off today and I am so damn bored. Yet unmotivated to do much. All I want to do is cuddle down under the blankets and zone out. I think I would go out and do some shopping but 1)it's damn cold and 2)I've been having some major breakouts on my face this past week and I hate how I look right now. The effort to go out is just too much. Hair and then a ton of makeup to cover up. Blah.

Remember how I mentioned about how my bills were so unorganized? I got two notices in the mail yesterday about how my power would be cut off if I didn't pay it. And my cell phone would be cut off if I didn't pay that one. So I paid everything online last night. It isn't that I didn't have the money. It's that I was too preoccupied with work to pay attention to much else.

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