Hello again [ 2006-12-20, 1:04 p.m. ]

Good heavens. I haven't updated in six days.

Well, today is my day off and boy, did I sleep. Mmmm. Wonderful, nice sleep. This past weekend completely wore me out. I never got enough sleep and I was working exhausting hours.

But the thing about work is that I don't mind it much at all when I'm there. What a nice feeling. We've been blowing our plan out of the water which is a good thing. So darn busy.

I've developed a work crush on this guy who works in receiving. That always makes the day brighter when you have a work crush. I mentioned it to Caleb and he said he'd been ogling that guy since he interviewed him. Heh.

I only have a few presents left to buy. I don't think I'll be doing that today though. Most likely after work tomorow night and on Friday. Also, on Friday I need to make a double batch of peanut butter/chocolate balls for the pot luck at work on Saturday. I do have to write a preview article for the music 'zine today. I'm doing an article about Camera Obscura playing in January in Chapel Hill. Once I round up some facts and whatnot, I'll hunker down to write it. But I do have to do it tonight.

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