Just another New Year's Eve [ 2006-12-28, 2:39 a.m. ]

Another Christmas come and gone. It seems like a blur. Since the ol' spirit of the season never sank in much, it does seem a bit sudden for it now be over.

But I did have fun the last couple of days. Christy and Kevin came into town on Tuesday. I went over to my parents' where they were staying after I got off work. I had worked 6-230, meaning I got up at 4:30am. Eek. What's more, I realized that I was getting sick. I was thinking that it was a reaction to the prescription allergy meds I started taking again. But, alas, no. It's officially a cold. So my energy level was a bit low by the evening time.

I did take them to my store to show it off. They agreed that it's a beautiful store. We walked around the mall where I admired a cool jacket at L@ne Bry@nt but didn't buy it.

So today I went over to the parents' house in the afternoon, made some chocolate/peanut butter balls and hung out. We then, in the evening, had our major feast of food and then present exchanging. I totally raked in. One of the things I got was an LB gift card so I might be going back for that jacket.

Tomorrow is back to work. I've been thinking about New Year's Eve lately. I have no plans at all for it right now. I have spent that night with Michael and Paco the last couple of years. But, frankly, I've not had much good contact with him these past couple months and I don't really want to settle for spending it with what is basically an old married couple. Of course, I might still have this cold on Sunday so I might not care about partying. But then again...I really don't want to spend that BIG night alone. Gah. I hate thinking about this.

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