Where's the party? [ 2006-12-29, 2:39 a.m. ]

Pretty boy at work? Please stop being so pretty. You drive me insane. But you do give me a reason to not look like crap when I come to work so you can still continue looking pretty. Besides...you are a nice star in my fantasies. Holy.God. He is hot. I just get excited that he knows my name. It honestly takes very little to please me.

I pulled up my email when I got home and saw there was an email addressed from the music 'zine. I said out loud "Uh oh" expecting something bad, naturally. Because I always do. But, no. It was from Allison saying thanks for the preview article, it's a very smooth read. Hmm. That sounded oddly like praise. I don't know how to handle that.

My sister, Christy, was talking about how my radar was off one year when boys were flirting with me. My radar is always faulty, I told her. I'm either completely off about somebody's feelings or I don't see it at all. It really does have to do with low self-esteem. Praise, positive attention...which is weird since I am the baby of the family and got support from my family. But then again, there is the weight thing. That pretty much invalidates it.

Anyway, I still have no idea what I'll be doing New Year's Eve. I did get invited along to the 80's dance club for tonight by Julie but I declined because of my cold. I'm starting to cough so it wouldn't have been a good idea. Sigh. I do miss my social life.

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