I've had the blues..the red and the pinks..one thing's for sure... [ 2007-01-02, 9:37 p.m. ]

First off, OW. I still have that sore spot on the roof of my mouth. My tongue keeps poking at it. It feels like a fucking divot. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Anyways...I got 3 hours of sleep last night. Then got into work at 7am where we had a meeting for a couple hours. Then I was working my ass off in my dept. We have a big change over of displays that's due tomorrow. We received in 10 cases of product! Which is more than double what we usually get. Because of the holiday weekend, we didn't get our change over shipment till today which totally blows.

We start this big promo tomorrow which is buy one get one free in the tv dvd sets that are $29.99 or more. So I was looking for these bogo stickers that we were supposed to get in the mail and I couldn't locate them anywhere. I started panic. Here I'd been out sick over the weekend and hadn't looked for the stickers and now I couldn't find them. I just kept thinking about how Candi was going to let me have it. But I looked and looked and had no luck. Finally I left close to 5ish. About ten minutes in the car, I called on my cell back to work. I asked Tracy when the opening manager would be in tomorrow. I wanted to get in early to put up all the signs for the promotion. So I'm going in at 6am which means getting up at 4:30am. Whee! Tracy let me know that somebody'd found the stickers and I just about wept with joy. Thank the Lord.

The brightest spot of my day though was this morning when I kept having to go into the receiving room where cute boy was working. We lightly chatted and at one point, I asked him to hand me something. Roxie went "what?" like I was talking to her and Jon turned around and said "Judith and I were talking". Hee. Damn he's hot. I love having a work crush.

On my drive home I kept going back and forth about going to the meeting for the music 'zine at 7pm at a nearby restaurant. I finally suited up and went. I have a review of Matt Mays' cd to do and an article about anti-love songs. I'm going to start it off quoting J.Geils' band's "Love Stinks". Now I have a request for all of my readers (There aren't that many of you, so I'm counting on all of you!!!). Please give me your suggestions for anti-love songs. These can be old and new. Songs about hating somebody you love, hating your ex, regretting a relationship, feeling just damn bitter, etc.. You get the idea I think. Just leave me either a note or comment or email me. Thanks to you all!

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