You better look out because I'm gonna say ...... [ 2007-01-04, 1:02 p.m. ]

Thanks everybody for your suggestions for my article about anti-love songs. If you have any more ideas just leave me a note!

Yesterday was a super-long day but worth it. I got up at 4:30am, got to work at about 6am and proceeded to set up all of the signs for the big sale. I was glad that I'd come in that early because it did take a while. The rest of the day was spent setting up all the rest of the displays though they're still not all done. That will hopefully happen today. I also sat down with Candi to talk about who I'm keeping for regular part-timers and who will go to seasonal. I liked, in varying degrees, all of my employees so it basically boiled down to their availability in scheduling. We also talked about other things regarding my dept. which was good because it helped me know where I stand. I just need to iron out a couple of paperwork things and that's it.

So I left work at 7:45pm. Julie had mentioned that she was going to karaoke and I thought "hmm..since I close tomorrow, maybe I'll go". Yes, after working for 13 hours, I was going to go out. I came home, showered, lazed around for an hour then got dressed and went out there around 11:30pm. I had a beer but that was it since 1)I'm still getting over the flu and 2)I was way too tired and one beer was more than enough. I only went up to sing one song but as usual I made an impression. I sang Ben Folds' "Rockin' the Suburbs". It's always fun when you start to draw the crowd in during a song. And especially when I got to the part where you scream "Fuck!!!". I really screamed it and the audience went nuts. Hee. I had some random guy come to the stage at the end and bow down to me. I figured that I couldn't top that one so that's all I sang and left at 1:30. It was fun being out and I needed that for my ego. I looked good, sounded good and people were happy to see me.

Julie told me last night that she was moving to Atlanta at the end of January to be with her new love..who is also named Julie. That should be confusing! I will so miss her but I know she's really happy with her g/f. The store will also miss her since she's the cafe mgr.

Ok, I think that sums things up. I close tonight so I'll be leaving in about an hour. When you love what you're doing, it isn't a "crap,I have to go to work.". Sure I love my time off. I'm not nutty. But I enjoy work. I love my little corner of the world.

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