At 98 we all rotate [ 2007-01-09, 7:58 p.m. ]

I did it. I actually made the appt. with a psychiatrist. I was feeling ok so I did have to prod myself to remember how I was feeling on Sunday. So I called and I will be seeing a doctor on Feb. 8th at 10am. It's kinda scary but I'm glad I've made this first step.

Today has been a seasonably cool day. It actually felt like winter. What a concept. Right now it's 40 degrees and I think it's supposed to get into the 20s later on. Brrrr. My house needs to warm up some more.

I rented 4 movies on the way home tonight. I have the next two days off and plan on doing some major viewing. But I also need to get started writing at least one of my articles for the 'zine. Ah, procrastination is so my middle name. Anyway, I rented The Descent, The Covenant, The Illusionist and The Night Listener.

I've been pushing my fellow mgrs at work to make sure they come to the karaoke bar on my birthday which is in 18 days (still time to do your shopping,people!). The big plan is to get me inebriated. I haven't gotten that way in a few months. It will be a nice way to start off my 41st year and also, my vacation!

Well, off to watch a movie now.

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