Please allow me to introduce myself... [ 2007-01-11, 3:18 p.m. ]

I've been recording Buffy every weekday. It's the one that FX shows every morning at 7am. Anyway, it is now into season 5. Ugh. Not my favorite because it brings in the character of Dawn, Buffy's supposed younger sister. I know she turns out to be the KEY but damn, it was so annoying to have her barge in and interrupt the Scooby gang. I like Michelle Trachtenberg and she did portray the bratty sister well but still, it was annoying.

I had the oddest dream last night. I dreamed that my mother was talking on the phone to, at first, Donal Logue. You know, he's the guy on that new show Knights of Prosperity and used to be on the fab show, Grounded for Life. Anyway, he was asking my mom's opinion on his new show and wanted my opinion, too. I told her to tell him that I didn't like it that much, which isn't really true. I thought it was a cute show. She tries to hand me the phone but I begged off. Then, all of a sudden, she's talking to Greg Dulli, my namesake. She's talking about how he's coming to town by himself and that he'd be staying at a motel. It was weird because my mom is generous about letting people stay over at her house. I kept feeling nervous about the fact he was going to be in town and he knew my family somehow. I mean, good grief, he's just a rocker guy. Not some all powerful dude. But my dreaming self just knew something major would happen if I got in the same room alone with him. Ha. I wish.

I've watched three of the movies I rented. The Descent, which I give a B+. The Illusionist, which I give a solid A. And, The Covenant, which I give a C. That movie could've been so much better. It thinks it's all Lost Boys but not even CLOSE!! Bah.

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