Submarine Bells [ 2007-01-18, 4:02 a.m. ]

Wednesday was a much different day than the up/down of Tuesday. And I thank God for that.

As I stated, I have Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off. Today I just wanted to stay home and completely chill out. Which I did. I did make time to do two things though. I watched the 24 four hour premiere this afternoon. If you don't watch the show, well, you really should. I love it. And it did not disppoint at all.

After that, I wrote the cd review that was probably overdue to the magazine. About 200 words,which is about average. Here it is:

I first heard Matt Mays & El Torpedo on Late Night with Conan O’Brien a couple months ago. It was also the first time I’d even heard of them. I ordered the self-titled cd the next day. I was taken by the raspy singing voice of Mays, whose voice does remind me of Ryan Adams so that did not hurt. Plus, the sound of the band was in the Byrds and Neil Young tradition. The album keeps up that impression.

The thirteen tracks on the album bring the alt-country but are still very rocking. It’s the kind of album where you can sing along with the chorus such as in the second cut, “Travellin’” and the third track, “Cocaine Cowgirl”. The band has much success in their home country of Canada with singles charting in the top 20 and videos getting heavy rotation on the video channels. Their success is no fluke since the album was produced by Don Smith who has worked with Tom Petty, U2 and Bob Dylan. All of whom you can hear in parts of the album. But mainly, if you’re a fan of the styles of Tom Petty, Neil Young or Ryan Adams then I can highly recommend this cd.

So tomorrow, unless we actually get that "wintry mix" that they are calling for, I'll be going with my mom to do some shopping at Bed,B@th & Beyond. I still have a gift card to use. I may use it to help buy a feather bed cover for my lumpy mattress. Depends on the cost though.

Thanks for your comments about my last entry about dad. I will for sure give him a hug when I see him.

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