She-Ra: Princess of Power! [ 2007-01-22, 5:29 p.m. ]

Today was a nice day at work. Especially starting at noon. That's when Julie, one of the asst.managers, came into my dept. to tell me "your 'snack' is here". Heh. That was code for Jon being in the building. As soon as I had another person in my dept. I kept going back into receiving. It was pitiful But fun. He talked to me about these dvds he'd ordered because of the sale we're having on tv series box sets (buy one get one free). He came into the dept. on Sat night and ordered from two seasons of He-Man. Ha! I love it. So he asked me today if I was taking special care of his order. Not because it was his order, he claimed, but because it was He-Man. I told him I would take extra care of his He-Man. Looking back on that, it sounds pretty dirty.

Also, at one point I was leaning over to put something on a box and I think I flashed him some major cleavage. Hee. Oops!!

I made a point of telling Roxie, who is the receiving mgr., about going to the karaoke bar on Friday while Jon was there. And then ending it with "everybody's invited" as I left the room. A few minutes later she came into my dept. and said "Ok,Miss Subtlety" with a grin on her face. Heh. I am so goddamn transparent. But I honestly can't help myself. I told her as she left, "I'll be over here in high school!".

Tonight is the Fray concert. Christie, my concert going friend, and I are going. We got great seats. About 29 rows back in the orchestra section. I just love that we met those guys just over a year ago when they opened up for Ben Folds. Amazing how far they've come in that time. Double platinum!

I have three days left till vacation starts. I plan on Thursday to do a full press on Jon about coming out on Friday. And maybe he'll get more cleavage for his trouble.

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