A tasty treat [ 2007-01-26, 12:51 a.m. ]

Today was a good day. I went in just before 3pm so I could make sure I got everything done for my last day before vacation. It worked because I do believe I got a lot more set for the next week than I thought I was going to be able to.

Jon, my work crush, was working today from 4-9pm and as soon as it was just past 4pm I was in receiving room several times in the next hour. I let him know his dvds were in and on hold for him. At one point, Roxie (receiving mgr.) was sorting through and organizing the toolbox and she saw there were two tape measures. I told her I'd take one. She replied, after handing it to me, "I assume you want it for the music dept. and not taking it home". To which I said "Hmm..there are a few things at home I'd like to measure." She and I cracked up at this and Jon told us both that this conversation needed to stop now. Heh. Damn, he's cute.

Anyway, I was up in the office a bit later chatting with some other managers when Roxie came up there to get her stuff before leaving for the day. One of the mgrs. remarked, after Roxie informed them of what Jon was assigned for the rest of his shift, that they were sure there was something I needed to go get down there. Roxie commented that I'd already been down there at least 5 times since he showed up. I protested that I had real reasons for doing so! Again, I say, I'm so friggin' transparent.

So..just after 9pm, Jon was walking by my section to go clock out and I said "Well?!" to prompt him to come get his dvds. He looked back at me and smiled saying he'd be right there. He did and then proceeded to ask about what other shows he should buy for this buy one get one free sale. He told me he likes "House","Scrubs" and "Lost". Pretty good taste at least. I informed him what I'd bought on sale (The British Office, Freaks & Geeks, three Buffy seasons and one of Sex & the City). Then he started asking me about Buffy because he'd never seen the ending and I went a bit into that. And then we started talking about how Angel ended.

Now I ask you. I have absolutely no read on if a guy is at all interested in me. I think there might be an interest but really...maybe that's false hope. But it's better than no hope at all. At least it's something!

Oh and yes, I did flash some cleavage. It can't hurt my cause.

We would've kept talking but there was a customer behind him so he scooted off with a "I'll be seeing you around." Now I could've been peeved at my customer about interrupting (which is stupid I know) but she was nice and had heard my conversation with another employee about my birthday. She asked if it was my birthday today and I told her that no, it's on Saturday. She wished me an early happy Birthday, which was nice of her.

I just didn't have time to really ask him about coming out to the karaoke bar tomorrow night. I did have one of the asst. managers mention it again to Roxie while Jon was standing there. I have no idea. I'm doubting he'll be there though. I just plan on having a good time and whoever shows up...well, it will be hellacious fun no matter what.

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