What a waster! [ 2007-01-27, 12:37 p.m. ]

So much fun was had last night. And soooo much drinking as well. I don't even remember how many shots, beers and cosmos I consumed. I think I'm lucky I only have a tiny hangover.

We had a lot of Aquarians there last night along with my own birthday (which started at midnight last night). That was fun. Ken, the owner of the bar, bought me a shot and we did one together. His bday was last Sunday which makes him 39. He claims I do not look older than him. More like in my early thirties. I heart him. He also told me I smelled good as we were standing there beside each other with our arms draped over our waists. When I'm drunk, I know no boundaries. Which leads me to going over to Matt, the kj as you may remember, and just standing there and telling him "you know I want you". Ha!!!!!!!!!!! Oh,Judith. He honestly had no words. I think he turned red. I'm pretty sure I gave him a kiss on the lips as well as Ken.

I had tons of people come out for my birthday. And I'm so happy they did. It was such a great time.

I was rocking the pleated miniskirt and sporting some nice cleavage. Tonight it will be dancing and most likely black jeans, camisole and the silky black jacket. And probably more drinking.

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