Judith is starting to happen [ 2007-01-28, 1:32 p.m. ]

Thanks everybody for the Birthday greetings!

Last night was fun but not as much fun as Friday night. I was having my friend, Helen (I've known her for 20 YEARS), come with me so I had to wait for her to be able have her husband come home to stay with the kids. So she didn't get to leave until about 11:20pm. Which means she got here around 11:45pm and we didn't get to the club till after midnight. We got in free which was cool since it was my birthday and all. Downstairs around the bar wasn't too crowded but when we went upstairs, holy crap! Now I know why most people I know only go there on Thursday. Crowd is about half or less of what was there last night. Lot fewer yuppies and the music less Top 40 80s tunes.

We found ourselves a small spot to dance and it was fun for a while. A couple of guys danced with Helen, which is fine, but it can make a girl feel ignored. I hate that about those kind of guys. The thing about the Thursday is that everybody is there for fun no matter how skinny or fat you are. This crowd..not so much.

We left close to 2am and came back to my apartment for about an hour of talking and listening to music.

The thing about the club is that if anybody I knew was there, there was no way I could've seen them so it's a good thing that Jon couldn't go. That's one bright light at least.

Tonight will be more fun, I think, with going to see the Lemonheads with Christie. I'm going to be listening to them all afternoon. Their new album is really very good. And of course, I loved their sound around "It's a Shame About Ray" but I am also downloading some stuff from "Hate Your Friends".

Ok, I need to clean up the kitchen, eat some lunch and take a shower. Big plans!

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