Rock Star, baby [ 2007-01-29, 12:11 a.m. ]

So guess who Evan Dando (of the Lemonheads) singled out to strum his guitar while he held down the chords? That would be me. Christie was beside me and she said she saw him look at me and then he made his way to edge of the stage (we were right in front). The guy next to me tried to take the guitar pick that Evan was holding out but Evan waved him off and handed it to me.

At which point I must've blacked out with the sheer joy of the moment because I completely forgot about strumming. I just just sorta picked and not strummed (frustrated banjo player maybe? yep sure). I did this for a bit and then Evan was obviously not impressed at my lack of skill (I'm a singer dammit not a guitar player!). I looked over to Christie and handed the pick to her at which she strummed in time to the music like a champ. He even gave her a nod of approval at the end. We were both ecstatic and jumping up and down.

I sucked at my attempt but he chose me to try it first. This is what counts to me! Christie is still floating from that nod of approval.

He also met my eyes when he mentioned that he'd play a long time ago in Charlotte at the club I worked at because I let out a whoop when he named the club.

My brush with greatness. God, I love seeing bands in clubs.

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