Not yet [ 2007-01-31, 1:29 p.m. ]

Well, I was looking at my bank account online and realized two things. One is that I got shorted a day on my last paycheck because it was a comp day for Thanksgiving. So I called and told Caleb who said he would pass it on to Candi. Hopefully, it can get added on to my next paycheck. Secondly, I realized that after paying all my bills that until I get my tax refund in the next week or so, that I wouldn't have enough to sign up for Curves or buy a car plus be able to pay my rent on Friday. Sigh.

It's fine. No biggie. I'll get there. I actually did wake up today right before 9am today which is a miracle. And then I realized my money situation. But I did go spend my W@lmart gift card that Mandy gave me for my bday. I hate going to there but hey, it was a gift card. I bought a cute shirt and some food containers to give my mom because I always seem to end up with her's in my fridge. Speaking of which I cleaned out my fridge and food shelves last night. Threw away most of the junk food. And wiped down my fridge. And found containers that really couldn't be used again so hence the new ones.

I've been geeking out watching my new Buffy dvds with any that have commentaries or just episodes that I really like such as "Dopplegangland" where Willow meets her alternate universe vampire self. I loved it when Willow was a bad-ass. Same with Xander. And of course, any shows that feature Oz definitely get a thumbs up from me.

We are expecting some snow and then ice and freezing rain tomorrow, so, as long as the power doesn't go out, I'll be watching more of my dvds. Yay!

Tonight I'll be going to the karaoke bar. Stay tuned for stories of an embarrassing nature, I'm sure.

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