Infinity On High [ 2007-02-06, 9:00 p.m. ]

It is amazing to me how different I can feel the day after having a really low day. It can be like I'm a different person. And I can rarely talk myself out of those moments like I had yesterday so they just keep me going down and down. But yesterday wasn't even my lowest. But it was one of those days where you feel like lying in bed just staring at the wall. Trying to just not think about anything at all.

I was so grateful to wake up and feel free of just about all of it for now. My mood was lighter. I felt more positive. I know it won't last but it feels good to feel that way today.

Work was better. I got things done. I actually worked 7am till almost 5:30pm. This means I get to shave off some time from next shifts.

When I left I stopped by L@ne Bry@nt to finally spend the $50 that my sister, Christy, sent me for my bday. I bought a pair of pants that were on sale for $19.99 and a nice button-down pale green shirt. The big news about the pants is that I'm officially two sizes down from where I was at this time last year. Definitely a way to lift a girl's spirits.

Then, I went next door to Bed, B@th & Beyond to spend the $40 gift card my parents gave me for bday. I meandered about till I came to a display of iP0d related merchandise. They had at half price one of those under the counter players for your iP0d that goes in your kitchen. It also has a teeny tiny remote and will play FM stations and also charges your iP0d while it plays too. And goes down on you. Just checking to see if you're actually reading this. So I thought, hey with my gift card I only have to pay about $10. I checked out and it turns out it was actually cheaper than the markdown sticker price so I still have a couple dollars left on my gift card. Score!

Nothing like retail therapy.

Tonight I am chilling and watching a Buffy episode from my dvr. I started laughing when I realized one of those Knight guys in season 5 is Bellick from Prison Break.

To show how much of a dychotomy that I am, today at work I bought the new F@ll Out Boy cd and a super discounted dvd of The Hours. I love that movie but it's damn depressing I gotta say. But I really bought it because it has commentary with the main actresses plus another commentary by the director and the author of the book. Quite cool.

So...better for now. Thank God for a different day.

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