Motivation [ 2007-02-25, 1:55 a.m. ]

So. I have the weekend off. And I had a feeling that today was not going to spent doing anything very productive. And I was right. Because I know me quite well.

I finally rousted myself out of bed however at an hour that I will not admit to. Not even here. Put on sweatpants and a shirt. Cleaned up the kitchen. Made a coffee cake. Then realized that I wasn't going to be leaving the house. And I didn't feel like doing anything with the rest of the place. So I gave in and decided that I would watch some good movies on pay per view.

Ok, ok. It was around 2pm that I got out of bed. Satisfied now? Geez.

Anyways, I watched first Thank You For Smoking. I really, really liked it. It didn't compromise itself but still had character development. An amazing thing. Aaron Eckart was great. And the kid playing his son was as well.

I also watched the last hour of Glory that I had on my dvr when AMC had their dvd on tv special. I like watching movies that way with the factoids on the bottom of the screen. I've seen the movie before but it had been a while. Still made me shed tears at the end. Especially the part that I'd forgotten about where it mentioned that the fallen men were still under 15 feet of water in Charleston harbor. I will definitely be thinking about them the next time I go visit my sister.

After that I made dinner and then watched on pay per view World Trade Center. I really didn't know how I would react to this movie. But Oliver Stone did it where it was more personal and less about ...I don't know how to say it. Maybe less focus on the horror of the day and more of the survival? I think that's it. So it didn't make me cry really. Which was surprising. The movie I also want to watch is United 93 since that director is up for an Oscar tomorrow night. Now that one might bring on the tears.

My dinner did not set well with me so I've been battling that all night but I think I'm finally getting over it. Thank God.

Tomorrow I really do hope to get out of the house as long as it doesn't rain. If it does, then maybe I can clean up one room. That's all I ask, Judith. One friggin' room.

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