Burp [ 2007-03-03, 1:17 a.m. ]

Two days off in row and all I did was sleep. That's all I seem to be able to do on my days off lately. I think the problem is my bed. It's too damn comfortable now that I have a mattress pad on it. And my newish pillow is so "sink your head into it" comfortable.

But yes, I know that is just an excuse. There's also a bit of bury my head in the sand quality to this whole thing. If I don't get out of bed then I don't have to actually make a decision about exercising, organizing the house, making good choices about food...etc.. It's lame, I know.

Like right now, I'm full from the potato chips that I just ate. Ugh.

I did force myself out of the house tonight to go visit with Michael and Paco whom I haven't seen since December. We talked non-stop for 3 straight hours. He caught me up on their lives and I let him know about my visit to the psychiatrist and how I'm on P@xil now. He has gone through some of the same thing with anxiety and was on medication for a while and still takes it when necessary. So it was good to get his perspective and he was very supportive about it.

I work this weekend and there is quite a bit I have to before our big store visit from our DM at the end of the week after next. I might have some more long days.

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