Dread [ 2007-03-12, 7:51 p.m. ]

So, today I had my first therapy session. My therapist's name is Susan. She was easy to talk with, which is very good. She concluded that I was suffering from mild depression. I have to agree. This desire that I have to crawl into bed instead of going out of the house or even doing anything at all is huge. Just to ignore anything bad in my life.

Plus, she talked about my coping devices (eating,procrastination,pulling my hair, though I do that last one less often). She's got some work ahead of her as do I.

I dyed my hair when I got home from the session. It really needed it. It isn't that I mind the silver hair. I just mind how crappy it looks on me. So it's now all a deep burgundy.

Tonight I should be going to Dustin's birthday gathering at the karaoke bar. I will do my best to make an appearance even though tonight (Mondays) is usually the time at the bar that the slightly freaky people (not a judgement!) come out. Meaning the slightly S&M/dominatrix/transvestite crew. I actually don't mind hanging out with these kind of people, though it's been a while, but I don't really know any of'em. I'm hoping quite a few will come out for Dustin's birthday since I know a lot of them. Updating this later...I decided that I needed a decent night's sleep for tomorrow.

I am kind of dreading work tomorrow but at the same time want to get it over with. I forgot to mention that on Thursday I found out that the mystery shop for our store did not go well. While the music dept. doesn't get points like the book & cafe side(and both of those sections only got half of their points. not good!) do we still have a couple of questions we need to get right. And we didn't get either of them right. (Acknowledging the customer & showing the customer how to use the listening stations). And to top this off, it was me and Mike in the section. So I watched myself at the time the shopper would have been there and got to see myself focusing on a task at the counter instead of walking out on the floor to talk to customers. And I can't even blame Mike on this because me being the mgr. means I take the lead. So anyway, I anticipate having a write-up done for this but I'm going to ask that Mike not be written up. I just don't think that would be fair.

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