Stick it to me [ 2007-03-25, 3:34 p.m. ]

I'm in a better frame of mind today than I was in my last entry. I got a text message from Caleb this morning saying that both of the music sellers for today had called out sick and he might need me. It was my day off but frankly, I wasn't that bugged. I called him and he asked if I could work. I said I could be there soon but would need to leave by around 5 because of the Pete Yorn concert tonight. So I showered, dressed and then called him from the car to remind him about one of my seasonal employees he might try calling.

By the time I got there, he'd manage to get two of my seasonals to come in. I just stayed till noon when the first one got there. I was able to get some stuff done but also visited with Margot whom I used to work with at the other location. It was very nice to see her. She's in her sixties but acts much younger than her age, just like me.

After getting off work around 12:20, I ventured into the mall and went to LB. They were having a free bra-fitting which I've never had. It was eye-opening, to say the least. The lady doing it was funny and we hugged after I tried on some bras successfully. Bonding over bras. Nothing like being a woman.

I forgot to mention that I had my hair cut last week. I went to the fancy hair salon in the mall and really liked my stylist. Plus, she sold me all kinds of crap for my hair. I think she must love me now.

Anywho, I then went to another mall and went to the Easy Spirit store there. Found some nice casual shoes for work and they are also sending me, from another store, a comfortable pair of chunky heeled shoes.

When one is losing weight, one has trouble not buying new things to wear. It's ridiculous. I need to stop!! But it is fun, I admit.

I worked part of the same shift as Jon on Friday and I realized that I was doing one of those things my therapist recognized. I put negative thoughts in other people's heads. I assume that this person is automatically thinking non-positive things about me. Without any reason to do so. It's quite stupid. But I do it.

Anyway, he started talking to me about trivial things but then I was relating a story about how I had thought one of our part-timers was dating a guy but it turned out that the name was really a girl, who also worked for us during the season. I had said to the managers "I didn't know Brian was gay" and they laughed and laughed. So, I was telling Jon about this and how I really didn't know a lot of the people who'd worked in the books section during the season. This led to me talking about when we did the training session. I told him about how I'd remembered he'd been one of the few paying attention to me during my part of the training seminar. I remarked that I hated doing that and it was a nightmare to stand up in front of everybody. He said "I thought you did a good job". Again, you'd have to know him to realize how sweet he is at unexpected moments. He could've snarked a comment if he'd wanted to but he didn't.

Then we talked some about movies and he was next to me while we looked up something. And I realllllly had to restrain myself. Oi.

So now I'm home, obviously. And I need to nap so I'm not zoning out during the concert tonight.

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