Bow down before the one you serve [ 2007-04-02, 9:15 p.m. ]

Remember that "Friends" episode where Monica wouldn't admit she was sick and kept saying she was "fine-d". That's how congested I was today. But I went to work today anyway.

Most of the day was ok but towards the end I developed a sinus headache and left a few minutes early. I took a shower upon arriving home and that has helped a lot. Yay.

Jon was working today and when I was in the back and standing next to him, he kept brushing against me. Le sigh. I just wanted to lay my head on his shoulder. I think I just might next time.

I'm hoping to feel much better by the time Wednesday evening rolls around so I can make it out to the karaoke bar. I'll be going to my mom's for dinner and my sister,Mandy,will be there as well since her kids are out of town this week with their dad up in Virginia because of spring break. That was quite a long sentence. Anyway, it will be nice for it to be just us three and we might watch a movie. But I know Mandy needs to go home by 11 because of work the next day. And I have off on Thursday so I'm planning on staying late at the bar and having some fun.

By the way, if you're looking for a new mascara, you've totally got to try Maybelline's new one called Intense Volume XXL. It has that two phased thing of first putting on the the white coat and then the top coat of color and man..what long lashes it gave me. I really sound like an ad now but it's true.

Somehow someway I've realized that I'm a bit of a princess. But only because people sometimes treat me that way. They do stuff for me without my asking. Or if I say it out loud they do it without any prodding from me. Like today in the break room. One of the ladies who works in the cafe was sitting there having her lunch. We were talking and I realized that the Chick-fil-a person forgot to put in my dressing for my salad. All I said was something like "Oh, crap. They forgot my dressing.". Cara said "What kind? I'll go get it for you" (in the food court downstairs). I was like "No, you don't have to do that." But she went anyway. After she left, I told Caleb "I really am a princess". He said "I wasn't going to say it but I was thinking it." Heh. If I could only harness this power and let it reign over Jon.

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