How can I get you alone? [ 2007-04-05, 2:06 a.m. ]

Today was a good day. Good despite having the hand truck bump me hard on the head when I dropped a box on the platform of the thing. Owie. But I was fortunate that Jon was there and sounded quite concerned for me. I really can't help it. I'm starting to think I'm partially gone on him. Halfway in love? Maybe. We do seem to have a connection. And it keeps building. Little things. He knows why I laughed when Roxy said the phrase "10 inches" when she was being serious about something. He told her "I've known her, what, about 4 months? And I know what makes her laugh." Hee. Indeed.

As I saw him leaving today (the receiving room door is just to the right of the entrance to my dept. and then the customer services desk, where we clock in/out, is just a few feet away, too), I sort of softly called out "Bye, Jon" but didn't see that he'd heard me. A half minute later as I was looking down at a shelving cart, I heard "Bye, Judith" and looked up and he was smiling from the entrance way. I laughed and smiled back saying goodbye again. Damn. Just that. Damn. It kept me going for the rest of the long day.

After work I went to my mom's house where my sis showed up a bit later. We had some yummy homemade pot pie and salad. And some strawberries after (they had ice cream with their's). We chatted for a time and then we both left around 10ish. I went to the karaoke bar where I mainly had a few beers, sang and talked with Matt about music. I let him that I have some good karaoke cds at work which made him stoked. And when I was telling him some music I like (he turned me on to an older Neko Case cd last week "Blacklisted"..excellent), he asked me to make him some mixes. Which I will do. Because he's Matt and, like myself (he IS a fellow Aquarian), people just do stuff for him. It might be the cute face, though. Mine works for me usually as well. Heh. He's maybe going to stop by the store on Saturday when I'm working to look at the karaoke discs. Being Matt, I'm not making bets on him actually showing up though. No biggie.

Anyways, I have tomorrow off. Big plan? To sleep in. For once. My body needs it. Plus, dreams about Jon would be nice. And I'm totally thinking of making him a mix cd. How high school am I? But really...he has no definite thoughts on who he really likes in music so why not leave it up to me to educate him? Sounds logical to me!

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